About Us

BY.ORTIZ is a Scandinavian jewelry brand that was launched in Gothenburg, May 2014.

The idea for THE WORLD AROUND MY NECK collection began when I decided to make a necklace in the shape of South America after six month stay in Chile. I grew up with a father who is from Chile and it's a part of me and my heritage. After going from concept, design to the finished necklace I thought that there might be other people, no matter who you are or where you are from that feels the same way to a special country, city or place. This led me to start producing several  jewelries in different shapes of continents, cities and of course the world


Starting from Novemeber we want to give our costumers the chance to choose any country or city in the world they would like to wear around their neck.


We want to give you a chance to always remember and never forget. Everyone will find their personal story and meaning behind each piece.